#GivingDays 2016 Google Calendar

On December 30,  the fine people at NonProfit Tech 4 Good published  the 2016 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar. This took a lot of work! And what a resource for links it is.

Our elves put the information into a public Google Calendar and we finished it earlier today. And if you use Google Calendar yourself you can add it to your own calendar view by clicking on the little + sign on the bottom right of the view.

All Giving & Awareness Days have a Hashtag associated with them. If you work for an organization and are involved in the social media activities, make sure to study it for the most relevant days and include posting content around those days with the Hashtags allows you to connect with other people interested in a particular topic. Mostly other organizations and their audiences, but also journalists, who are looking for sources.

How to add this public Google Calendar to your own Calendar?

Add public Google Calendar Screenshot

Click on the + button on the bottom of the embedded calendar.

If you haven’t yet, Google will asked your to login into your account.

Screenshot of box "Do you want to add this calendar?" Then you’ll see your calendar with a dialog box popping up, with the choices

  • “Yes, add this calendar”
  • “No, don’t add this calendar”

Once you click on “Yes, add this calendar” the calendar appears in your list of calendars on the left site under “Other Calendars” and the events show up in the associated color in your calendar. You see “GivingDays” in red in the left sidebar as well as the events “WomensDay” and “WorldKidneyDay” as All-Day events also in red.

Display of a public Google calendar

If you also like to add a public calendar like “Holidays in United States” or other interesting calendars you can find them under Settings > Calendars > Other Calendars